Red Devil Moon – Live at the Garfield CD

  • Artist: Pam Ortiz Band and Sombarkin
  • Release Date: 2015-01-18
  • Genre: acoustic blues folk gospel musical theater
  • Produced By: Blue House Productions
  • Price: 10
A live performance of a musical showcase featuring music from the musical, Red Devil Moon: Inspired by Jean Toomer’s Cane. Book by Robert Earl Price. Music & Lyrics by Pam Ortiz.


Karen Somerville (vocals)
Lester Barrett Jr. (vocals)
Jerome McKinney (vocals)Pam Ortiz Band
Nevin Dawson (violin, djembe, vocals)
Philip Dutton (piano, vocals)
Bob Ortiz (percussion, vocals)
Pam Ortiz (guitar, piano, vocals)
Ford Schumann (guitar, vocals)Special Guests
Tom Anthony (bass)
Ray Anthony (drums)Narrator
Robert Earl Price

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